Information on batteries, electrical and electronic equipment

Important disposal information for batteries and L-ion rechargeable batteries:

Dear customer, you have bought a battery-powered product from us. The lifespan of the battery is very long, but it still has to be disposed of at some point. Used batteries should not be put in the household garbage. Consumers are legally obliged to bring batteries to a suitable collection point. Old batteries and L-ion accumulators contain valuable raw materials that can be recycled.

The environment and we at coolmobility say thank you.

You can also return the batteries and L-ion rechargeable batteries bought at to us after use.

coolmobility GmbH
Ludig-Erhard-Allee 3
33719 Bielefeld

You are doing an important service for the environment with that!
The garbage can means: Batteries and rechargeable batteries must not be disposed of with household waste.

  The symbols under the garbage cans stand for:
Pb: Battery contains lead
Cd: battery contains cadmium
Hg: battery contains mercury

The following information is given in connection with the offer and / or sale of electrical and electronic equipment to private households by mail order:


  1. Owners of old devices must collect them separately from unsorted municipal waste. You have to separate old batteries and accumulators that are not enclosed by the old device before handing them in at a collection point, unless old devices are separated according to § 14 paragraph 5 sentences 2 and 3 ElektroG in order to prepare them for reuse.
  2. As the end user, it is your own responsibility to ensure that personal data is deleted from the old devices to be disposed of.
  3. The crossed-out wheeled bin symbol means that electrical and electronic equipment must be collected separately from unsorted municipal waste.
  4. Electrical and electronic equipment can be returned for recycling at the collection points provided for this purpose (e.g. in communal collection points) You also have the option of returning old equipment to the following return point created by us: 

    coolmobility GmbH
    Ludwig-Erhard-Allee 3
    33719 Bielefeld

  5. When purchasing a new electrical or electronic device, end users can give us an old device of the same type, which essentially fulfills the same functions as the new device, free of charge
  6. At the request of the end user, we are obliged to take back old devices free of charge in the retail store or in the immediate vicinity of which no external dimension is greater than 25 centimeters; the return may not be linked to the purchase of an electrical and electronic device and is limited to five old devices per device type.