Reverse Components Youngstar Pedals

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Reverse Components Youngstar Pedals

€49,50 €54,90
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€49,50 €54,90
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This SALE item is either a previous year's model or may have optical defects (scratches, small paint defects).

Youngstar pedals

Pedals - an important component of the ergonomics of children's bicycles!

The so-called Q-factor (the distance between the feet) was the focus of the development of the Youngstar pedal! The shortened pedal axis enables a significantly lower Q factor, which minimizes the X position of the legs. This makes pedaling much easier for the little ones and leads to a much "rounder" step!

The ergonomic relationship between the contact surface and children's shoes prevents the pedals from "flipping".
Weighing only 229 g, this pair of aluminum pedals with a CrMo axle is a real asset for every child!

Suitable for children up to size 34 (US size 3).

Safety advice:
Unless otherwise specified by the crank manufacturer.
Make sure that the pedals are tightened with a minimum of 37 to a maximum of 42 Nm.

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